Books Worth Reading

Organic, inc. : natural foods and how they grew
Samual Fromartz

Food politics : how the food industry influences nutrition and health
Marion Nestle

Slow food nation : why our food should be good, clean, and fair
Carlo Petrini
NOTE “Originally published in Italian in 2005 as Buono, pulito e giusto by by Gli struzzi Einaudi.”–T.p. verso.

Appetite for profit : how the food industry undermines our health and how to fight back
Michele Simon

The United States of Arugula : how we became a gourmet nation
David Kamp

In defense of food : an eater’s manifesto
The Omnivore’s Dilemma
both by Michael Pollan 

Plenty: One Man, One Woman, and a Raucous Year of Eating Locally (Hardcover)
Alisa Smith, J.B.MacKinnon

What to Eat
Marion Nestle

Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal: War Stories From the Local Food Front
Joel Salatin


4 thoughts on “Books Worth Reading

  1. Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt

    The Road to Serfdom by F. A. Hayek

    America’s Great Depression by Murray N. Rothbard

    Further Reading about Economics & Monetary Policy:

    Viewing List (google videos):

    The Money Masters

    Money as Debt

    America: Freedom to Fascism

    Do I detect brethran Libertarians?

    1. That is mostly Chris, my food-taster/other half.

      I consider myself libertarian-like but I’m not as involved as Chris and I generally don’t leave comments on food-related blogs with reference to free market readings. 8*)

      Two Puerto Rican fried food loving libertarians- you two are like a match made in heaven!

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