Malbec, Los Cardos 2007

Dona Paula Los Cardos Malbec (2007), Argentina.

Argentina is an up and coming wine region. What that means for you and me is low prices on quality grapes. The most common varietal from Argentina is Malbec which is also one of the six grapes allowed in Bordeaux wines. Many of the “new” wineries in Argentina are built on rehabilitated old vineyards of Malbec.

♦ Tasting Notes: heavy on the black berry but with a fine streak of vanilla smoothness to make it highly drinkable. Enough tannins for weight in the mouth but not much bitterness or pepper notes.

♦ Scores: Previous vintages have received 87 or 88 points from Wine Spectator.

♦ Recommended price: $10

♦ Found it for $8.99 at The Fresh Market in Grand Rapids on 11/22/08

Important note: This wine comes with a screw cap- don’t try to use a foil cutter or a corkscrew.


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