Zinfandel (Ancient Vines), Cline 2006

Chris and I have become very big fans of California zinfandels. We have picked up and tried a number of them. This one, from Cline, is a favorite. Both tasty and affordable, Cline’s 2006 zinfandels are made from grapevines over 80 years old.

Tasting Notes: A nice full berry taste with a just a hint of zingy pepper. This wine fills the mouth and leaves a little wash of vanilla-ed chocolate behind. Excellent with pastas, pizzas and heavier poultry dishes. Would probably also go well with a nice juicy steak. The fruitiness really comes forward after allowing the wine to breathe for a bit (or use an aerator, like we do).

Price: Varies from $12-$16. According to Wine.com, the 2006 vintage is sold out but other websites still seem to have it. Locally, we have bought this at Meijer, Horrocks and specialty wine merchants (we’ve drank about 6 bottles with at least 2 more in the cabinet)


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