Best purchase, ever

This is only minimally related to food but I’m so excited about this thing, I had to tell you all about it.

Saturday, I went on the regular trek to the pet store for cat litter. Dealing with two cats and one very sensitive nose in this house is a bit of a headache for me.

Behold, the Electronic CatMouse Odor Eliminator

Saturday I’m in Petsmart and happened to go down the litter box accessories aisle on my way to the side wall with the litter smorgasbord.  They sell an (expensive) air filter that claims to eliminate odors and remove dander from the air. I’ve looked at this before but never been convinced.  We researched air filters on-line and to get one that really does the job costs hundreds of dollars.  This one is much cheaper than that but then, doesn’t really do the job and it requires continual replacement of the filter(s).  Down a little farther, hanging from one of those end caps was this thing that looked like an oversized computer mouse.  I wouldn’t have even noticed it except that it was on special for Petsmart Perks members. And it claimed to eliminate odors without chemicals. And it was a reasonable $34. No batteries, no filters to change. Hmmm…….

In our current apartment, we set up cat-central in our second bathroom. This was to be temporary until we set up the office in the other bedroom.  Unfortunately, there is only one outlet in the bathroom and it wasn’t in a good spot to plug in my electronic litter box and still be able to use the sink.

As it turns out, it didn’t matter because the cats quickly took over the whole bathroom. No one ever went in there including us.  Guests were allowed to tramp through our bedroom to use the master bath. While not necessarily a problem, that did mean we had to keep the bedroom tidied up more.

Finally, this past week I convinced Chris that the litter box needed to go in the office.  I believe that, when fully operational and with the lid on this cat house my dad built, the smell will be minimal.  He wasn’t quite there yet but admitted that if we wanted people to be able to use this bathroom, we needed to get the cats out.

Soooo, along comes the Catmouse. And its amazing and it works. With the catbox still in the bathroom, you can’t smell a thing. Even standing in the bathroom, you can’t smell it.

Imagine the possibilities with other stinky smells- where all the wet winter clothes get piled up, in the kitchen especially after cooking fish, in the fridge (oh wait, they actually sell something especially for that), my brother’s bedroom during adolescence.


2 thoughts on “Best purchase, ever

  1. Hey!! What’s the range on this? Like… how many square feet does it claim to destinkify? I may need a few… three cats + southern coastal humidity = nasty smelly house! *grin*

  2. I believe it said the effective area was about 70 square feet. That’s the size of a small room, laundry area etc. It did say you should not use it in an small area where your pets are confined without fresh air access for extended time periods.

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