Turkey Day Recipes: Cornbread

Although I originally planned to just have corn, I was lured in by a wonderful photo at 101 Cookbooks. As a result, I ended up making Cornbread muffins for Thanksgiving.

My plan was to make this up the night before but I didn’t have time. I did take 10 minutes and measured all the dry ingredients in to a ziploc bag though. So, after we got home from the Turkey Trot (much less slippery this year except for the last 1/2 mile of black ice) on Thursday, I started pulling the eggs and corn from the fridge. I let them warm up to room temperature while Chris made spritz cookies.

Yes, we had to make more spritz cookies because the 3 dozen we made 2 weekends ago to “save for Thanksgiving” disappeared. Its a mystery, Interpol has been called in to investigate.

Rather than repeat the recipe here, I will just direct you on over to 101 Cookbooks for the Yeast Raised cornbread recipe.

A few notes:

  • Its pretty sticky but don’t go overboard with the flour when you turn it out of the mixing bowl; the muffins will end up dry.
  • I made 12 muffins and used the other 1/3 section to make a small loaf which I then froze. I’m thinking I’ll pull it out for chili in a few weeks.
  • I added the chives and I’m betting you could add some cayenne or even diced jalapenos to jazz it up.
  • Using white sweet corn (organic, Meijer) will require everyone at the table to ask if you really put whole corn in the bread. I did! Really!!
  • Best served hot hot hot with the honey butter. Trust me. They sit, they can get dry. And pull them out of the oven about 90 seconds before you think you should.


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