Multi-Use Tools or a bright idea

Previously, I had talked about multi-use kitchen tools/gadgets which struck me as a bad idea, in terms of kitchen safety. Today, I am pleased to comment on a multi-use tool which could come in very handy, especially in outdoors cooking (i.e. camping) and eating.

The Knork:


A combination fork and knife, the Knork as pictured is plastic and includes a handy loop on the end for clipping to your carabiner for those meals on the side of the mountain. The Knork is also available in traditional flatware setting of stainless steel and has matching spoons, knives and even serving sets. Of course, you shouldn’t need that knife for much, with the Knork on the table. Now you can butter your bread without worrying about butter transferring over to your main entree. Or vice versa, I guess.

I just read about this invention today so I have not tried it. But I am always on the lookout for ways to make our camping box smaller and camping more efficient so I will have to pick up some Knorks at my earliest convenience. I do generally prefer the word Spork to Knork though; It just flows better. I feel as though both came right out of an episode of Fraggle Rock.

Thanks to the Friday Favorites list at Steamy Kitchen for the alert to this new tool/gadget. And, double-bonus, a Michigan Mention in the list too!!


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