Sunset over Lake Champlain


A long awaited, do what we want vacation. Begins NOW.

We are headed to Vermont but will be stopping on Montreal first. I’ve driven through Montreal but never stayed there. I think we will stay one or two nights then head towards Waitsfield, VT (site of our honeymoon). From there?  There has been talk of going to Portland or even up to Bar Harbor. 

I’d love to spend a couple of days going along the coast of Maine but we have to be back in Michigan on 10/2 so that will probably be another trip.  I have found it nearly impossible to describe the beauty, violence and 0ld-world feel of the Atlantic coastline as you approach the Downeast tip of Maine. Forget New Zealand, those hobbits really lived in the Bay of Fundy. I definitely want to take Chris there sometime soon.

Our plans include: eating cheese, wine, pictures of fall color and probably a yarn shop stop or two. We hope to dine at the Green Cup Cafe again although the chances of lobster risotto on the menu again are probably slim. There should also be some jacuzzi time, a few drinks on the docks in Burlington overlooking Lake Champlain (see above) and maybe even a cooking class- about Vermont cheese!

Since we are leaving in the evening, our intention is to get to Toronto tonight and get up early enough Saturday to be in Montreal for a late lunch. Toronto is a great city in itself but being “so close” will have to wait for another trip.  Now that Chris has his enhanced ID, it won’t be such a big deal to skip over to Windsor periodically either.

I am so looking forward to this time for some much-needed relaxing. When we get back, there is a visit from family, the last two weeks of school (really done, not a break but a graduation!!), more family including a planned Halloween-type party to keep us busy until the snow flies. I’ll probably be ready for another vacation about then!


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