Thanksgiving is just over two weeks away. I have been saving recipes for new things to try. Except I may not be making Turkey Day dinner this year. Guess I better get our schedule figured out ASAP. We are thinking of going to visit my brother, his wife and their new baby. SO maybe I will be cooking dinner but not in my own kitchen.  As long as the pilot light doesn’t go out on their oven, it should be okay.

Besides turkey, I’ve found a decent looking green bean casserole that is sufficiently different from the old canned bean version of my youth that I am willing to try it.

Gotta make that corn and wild rice thing again, from last year. And its not a holiday without mashed potatoes and gravy.

Since most of my dad’s family lives out in Iowa we made end up crashing someone else’s dinner. Expecting my brother’s family with their 2 month old preemie baby to be able to entertain us food-wise seems exceedingly unreasonable, after all.


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