Tomato Time

Last week, our tomatoes finally started turning red.

Our first harvest came in on Wednesday:

Well, that is actually our second harvest because a day or two earlier, we had one beautiful ripe red Cherry 100.  And Chris proudly came to me and said “our first tomato is ready!”  And then he ate it before I could smell it or see it and certainly before I could take a photo of it. After writing him out of the will, I patiently waited a few days and by mid-week, we had a few more ready to be pulled from the vines.

Now, another five days has passed and there are pops of red and orange scattered throughout our three tomato plants. The Cherry 100s are coming in first and fast.  The grape tomatoes are little behind but so cute like little baby toes.  And soon, our Baby Boys will start to shade from green to orange to red.

Tonight, I pulled a handful off to use with dinner, somehow.

I had no plan but it turned out beautifully and you can read all about it in my next post.


One thought on “Tomato Time

  1. we have none to harvest yet. all green and so many got knocked off the vines with the heavy wind and storms lately. I do have some green beans however. enought for maybe one person.

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