Home, Home on the Range

Chris and I have been traveling on vacation for 10 days; today is the last day of that vacation.

Last Friday we drove up to Alpena for an Air Show on Saturday. It was rainy and we missed 80% of the show as we had to leave before the weather delay ended. Then, on the way out of the airport I had a flat tire so we spent 45 minutes at Wal-Mart getting a new tire (it was time anyway).   We decided to take US-23 up the Huron Coast to Mackinac City before crossing the bridge in to the Upper Peninsula.   Our final destination was Killarney Provinical Park in Ontario but we wouldn’t make it there until the next day.

On our drive up the Sunrise Coast, we stopped in Cheboygan for dinner.  The town was having some kind of summer festival involving old cars, a boat parade and a group of people walking down the street with a mannequin dressed as a 50s era carhop.  It was the last night of the festival and apparently most everyone was down by the water.  There were five or six restaurants in the downtown strip.  We decided on Libby’s Restaurant because it was definitely open and would probably be faster than the fancier looking Irish Pub at the central intersection.

I think we walked in about 10 minutes before they closed but Libby and her staff were still happy to serve us.  Libby’s specializes in sandwiches, homemade soups and baked-from-scratch breads.  Chris ordered a chicken salad sandwich on wheat while I went for a veggie sandwich (avocado, garlic cream cheese, sprouts and cucumbers) on a rosemary bun. It was tasty but might have benefited from something crunchy. I do like my varying textures- maybe if the bun was toasted. Chris really liked his chicken salad and I did too, the one measly bite I managed to grab. The wheat bread was soft and light. We bought a loaf to go.

The other thing Libby does, and does well as it turns out, is bake pies.  We ended up taking two slices of Fruits of the Forest for the road. Instead of a thick top crust, the fruit-filled pies were topped with an oatmeal crumble.


More stories about our trip to come.


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