Riverhouse Inn, Williamston, Mi

¬† Chris and I enjoyed a lovely riverside dinner at Riverhouse Inn in Williamston¬†on the last weekend in August. Hopefully we’ll have another chance for such a nice meal al fresco before fall truly sets in. I started two new classes today and unlike previous quarters, I haven’t done any reading yet. My first bit… Continue reading Riverhouse Inn, Williamston, Mi

Depot Italiano Ristorante; Charlotte, MI

When I first moved back to Mid-Michigan (3 years ago, already!), I lived in Charlotte for the first 6 months. My studio apartment was in one of the old downtown buildings, a former Oddfellows lodge. I might still live there except that my upstairs neighbor was the biggest jerk with thrice-weekly late night parties or… Continue reading Depot Italiano Ristorante; Charlotte, MI

Wrought Iron Grill, Owosso, MI; also Father’s Day

We had a number of adventures this past weekend starting with a brief jaunt to Ft. Wayne for storm-chasing on Friday night. The night ended with me driving home through that horrible downpour/second great flood/electrical storm south of Lansing. Fun times! However, I am working my way backwards from my food notes for the weekend… Continue reading Wrought Iron Grill, Owosso, MI; also Father’s Day