Riverhouse Inn, Williamston, Mi

¬† Chris and I enjoyed a lovely riverside dinner at Riverhouse Inn in Williamston¬†on the last weekend in August. Hopefully we’ll have another chance for such a nice meal al fresco before fall truly sets in. I started two new classes today and unlike previous quarters, I haven’t done any reading yet. My first bit… Continue reading Riverhouse Inn, Williamston, Mi

The Buzzard’s Roost; Key Largo, FL

On our first full day in the Keys (12/20), it was time from some fresh seafood! This is actually my second trip to Buzzard’s Roost. Chris and I went last year when I came down for my first Christmas with his family. I can’t remember what I had last year except that the more I… Continue reading The Buzzard’s Roost; Key Largo, FL

More pancakes for everyone!

Last week I drove by and then tonight, I just read an article in City Pulse about Sawyer’s Gourmet Pancake House’s new hours. I previously wrote about Sawyer’s in June. At the time, the restaurant was only open for lunch and dinner. Beginning Labor Day weekend, they will now be open continously from Friday morning… Continue reading More pancakes for everyone!