The Buzzard’s Roost; Key Largo, FL

On our first full day in the Keys (12/20), it was time from some fresh seafood!

This is actually my second trip to Buzzard’s Roost. Chris and I went last year when I came down for my first Christmas with his family. I can’t remember what I had last year except that the more I think about it, the more I suspect I ordered the same thing this year.

Buzzard’s Roost has two seating options: a screened enclosure or an open-air section right next to the boat lift. We sat in the screened in area as the service is usually a little better. Buzzard’s Roost is on the ocean side of Key Largo but in a little cove for the marina so the view is mostly boats with a little water in the distance.

While I was washing my hands, Chris ordered drinks (coke products) and an appetizer of Blue Crab Cake for us. The crab cake here is made with local crab and corn then served with a housemade remoulade sauce. I liked the corn addition but I felt like this crab cake was a little heavy on the fillers and not enough on the crab meat. Overall, we agreed that the crab cake from Regatta’s in Lexington was better, thanks in part to the marmalade and also the fried-green tomato.

Chris is a big fan of the chicken salad (on a croissant) here but they also have tuna salad on croissant so he ordered that this time, with potato salad. I, opting to fill my seafood quota, went for the Lobster Reuben. Also satisfies my opulence at lunch quota probably: lobster meat in housemade mango spiked thousand island plus coleslaw on grilled rye. Yum Yum Yum.The Lobster Reuben isn’t on the regular menu but I still keep thinking its what I had last year too. Anyhow, its delicious. I would advise getting a little extra dressing just so you can taste it without the lobster and coleslaw mixed in.

Like most restaurants in the Keys, Buzzards Roost has a catch or catches of the day which can be prepared in a number of ways. They also have an assortment of other typical sandwiches like the chicken wrap. Besides the crab cake, they offer conch fritters and alligator bites on the appetizer menu. There is also a more extensive dinner menu but I’ve only been for lunch so I can’t speak to that.

Service can be a little spotty, especially on drink refills. But, any special requests are always taken care of happily.


Address: 21 Garden Cove Dr, Key Largo, FL

Reviews: Via Google
Website: With menus This site worked last week when I looked at the menu but as of 1/2/09, it was listed as “parked” at GoDaddy.

House of Subs; Homestead, FL

We made it! After fretting about the weather, we ended up leaving Lansing and heading to Flint at about 1:30 in the morning on Friday. We met up with my parents at a 24 hour diner until the reasonable time of 4 AM when my dad dropped us off at the airport.

We expected it to be dead but there were actually two flights, both going to Atlanta and both totally booked, scheduled to leave at 5:35 AM. As we waited through the security lines (which were overstaffed to the point of pointlessly slowing things down- I’ve never had someone scour my ID so closely before), the first snow flakes started to fall. Our flight, a Delta connection was small and they loaded us on the plane pretty quickly. The snow was coming down pretty hard and the pilot came on to explain that we had to be de-iced but first they had to put salt down so the truck could push us away from the gate.

Apparently, Flint only has one de-icing truck. By the time they finished one side, we were iced back up on the other. So, they got stronger stuff and did it again. Then began the slowest roll to the end of the runway, ever. Co-pilot came out in to the cabin to check the wings and make the final decision. Full flight, ice and snow, full baggage area. It was a close call but we took off!.

We missed our Miami connection by 30 minutes but Delta was on top of things and rebooked us, standby on the next flight. Due to a backlog of flights, we didn’t get in to Miami until after noon but our luggage made it too so I was happy. Chris’s mom picked us up along with a friend who had flown in from Ohio (they had freezing rain from the same storm).

After checking in with my dad, I learned that Flint got 7 inches of snow by noon and by the time he got home from dropping us off, the news was reporting all flights had been canceled/delayed till after the storm passed through.

Now, it was time for the drive to the Keys. And a pillow,very very soon: No sleep except for two 15 minute catnaps on the plane. First we decided to grab a bite to eat and Chris had a place in mind on the way.

House of Subs Deli

House of Subs is kind of a scaled down version of Quiznos.  They toast the bread, use those three-prong condiment bottles for even coverage and serve Pepsi.  Rather than 30 different combinations of meats, sauces and vegetables, House of Subs keeps it simple with your basic deli meats: turkey, ham, roast beef and salami.  They also have meatball subs plus chicken or tuna salad.  By coincidence, all 4 of us ordered the chicken salad sub.  I had mine on honey wheat (baked in store) along with provolone, lettuce tomato and mayo. If I’d been a little more awake, I would have opted for the onion pumpernickel like Chris but my version did the job quite nicely. This chicken salad is the closest I’ve found to my favorite recipe which I used to get at a small deli in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Cityscape, located right across the street from my job then, was a weekly hit. I alternated between the turkey club and the chicken salad. The shop also offers soups, salads and chips or sweets to accompany your meal. Catering is available too.


Address: 33497 South Dixie Highway, Suite 103, Florida City

Website: Menus & Catering Info

Hours: Unknown

Holiday Updates

I’m going on vacation.  Very soon.  Flight is set to leave at 5:30 tomorrow morning.  Fingers crossed that mother nature cooperates!

If she cooperates, we’ll be in the Florida Keys by noon tomorrow.  And you’ll get some lovely reviews of cool restaurants down there (and also in Tampa, where we’ll head for Christmas itself).  Plus Chris’s mom will be feeding us well, I’m sure.

If mother nature is not cooperative, we could spend a whole day in the airport tomorrow waiting for a delayed flight.  And then I might finally start getting through all my draft posts here.

Because the other option is homework for hours straight.  And I can only do so much of that at a time even if my essay topic is medical marijuana!