Riverhouse Inn, Williamston, Mi

  Chris and I enjoyed a lovely riverside dinner at Riverhouse Inn in Williamston on the last weekend in August. Hopefully we’ll have another chance for such a nice meal al fresco before fall truly sets in. I started two new classes today and unlike previous quarters, I haven’t done any reading yet. My first bit… Continue reading Riverhouse Inn, Williamston, Mi

Wrought Iron Grill- Father’s Day the Sequel

For Father’s Day 2009, Chris and I took my dad to the Wrought Iron Grill in Owosso at which time I wrote a review and indicated we would certainly go back. And we did, this year for Father’s Day. Despite intentions, driving between Flint and Lansing scads of times, we never made it back in… Continue reading Wrought Iron Grill- Father’s Day the Sequel

Depot Italiano Ristorante; Charlotte, MI

When I first moved back to Mid-Michigan (3 years ago, already!), I lived in Charlotte for the first 6 months. My studio apartment was in one of the old downtown buildings, a former Oddfellows lodge. I might still live there except that my upstairs neighbor was the biggest jerk with thrice-weekly late night parties or… Continue reading Depot Italiano Ristorante; Charlotte, MI

A little tip, free of charge. No really, allow me.

Today’s words of wisdom: Do not. I repeat, Do not, rely on your GPS when making dining decision after a long day in an unfamiliar area. In particular, I advise giving said GPS one shot then either stop and ask for advice or go home. The consequence, if you choose not to heed me? Well,… Continue reading A little tip, free of charge. No really, allow me.