Winners & Losers

This past Saturday was my bridal shower hosted by my awesome maid of honor and uber-cool bridesmaid. One of the games we played was based on a series of questions the MOH sent to Chris. He had to answer the questions, about himself. And then I had to give the right answers. Everyone first guessed how many they thought I would get right.

I knew right off I was going to fail miserably. Out of 20 questions, I was hoping for 50% correct. I actually did slightly better than that. It helped when some of the questions came with hints. Knowing that I like to cook, she asked Chris what his favorite dish of mine was and his least favorite.

Since Chris has a number of “home run” dishes he talks about, and has been known to lick the plate clean, literally, I needed a little guidance but I was able to determine the winning dish. Funnily enough, I haven’t made it in months. The Squash Risotto is really more of a fall/winter dish in my head. I knew for sure that some kind of seasoned and bread-crumb coated chicken would be part of the dish.

As for least favorite. Well, I was briefly insulted that he would be able to choose anything since I’m so fabulous but this wasn’t really that hard. I never blogged about this dish but there is a Twitter comment referencing a turkey meatloaf gone awry. It really wasn’t awful. It just needs some work. And the first step will be using the proper ratios of peppers and onions to ground turkey. I thought I had the 2 pound package of ground turkey, not the 1 lb; realized my error after cutting up onion and pepper. It was a recent experiment so I’m not surprised it would come to mind when asked.

The luncheon at the shower was partly made up of some little deli sandwiches from a new place in Flint, Hoffman’s Deco Deli. I don’t know the all the varieties chosen except one was a vegetarian sandwich that looked pretty tasty. I had what I believed to be the Dillyliscious: Stacked turkey, provolone cheese, a dill mayo spread with leaf lettuce and a tomato. Good bread and a nice size to go with the salads and such. The deli itself is one of several new places in downtown Flint on my list to check out next time I’m in the home area which will probably be this weekend.

For dessert, we had cute sugar cookies and some really tasty chocolate cupcakes with a secret. When Chris came back to pick up his mom and the gifts, I had him try a cupcake. He was impressed with the flavor and shocked when I told him the secret. My MOH picked this up from Weight Watchers apparently: 1 batch cake mix and 1 can of diet soda. If its a dark cake mix, use a dark diet soda. If its a white/light mix, use something like diet Sprite. And don’t add anything else like egg or oil as is usually directed by the box.

After the shower, my ‘maids and I headed over to a friend’s house for relaxing before heading out for girl’s night. On the way, we stopped at this gas station near I-75 because I needed a diet coke. I almost forgot my soda when I walked in to this place, Aaron’s. It was so much more than a gas station stop. They had a couple aisles of beer including some unusual microbrews along with a few aisles of wine ranging from $7 to more than $50 per bottle plus a full deli, small fresh produce section and probably more we didn’t notice.

I grabbed 3 bottles of wine, one for the night and two to take home. The two take-homes were not rare or necessarily good wines but they spoke to me. Number 1: the winery name is CMS, Chris’s initials. Its on the front in fancy font- had to buy. Number 2: Earth, Zin and Fire. Silly name but earlier, during the shower game, I got the answer to “Chris’s favorite musical group” wrong. Apparently its Earth, Wind and Fire. I had no idea*. To make up for this, I bought the bottle. We also bought some artichoke-asiago dip which was absurdly tasty

*In retrospect, I need not feel guilty because when Chris arrived, we made him take the test as if I answered the questions, excepting the few that wouldn’t apply, like cooking related topics.

He got 6 out of 11 so we were quite close percentage-wise. He didn’t know my favorite color but did know my first job. Lucky for him, she didn’t ask my birthday. He gets that wrong all the time.

After a night on the town in Royal Oak during which some guy in a neck brace gave me a list of bachelorette things to do (i.e. kiss a gay guy, switch underwear with someone, etc), a little greasy food was required to round out the night. We went to National Coney Island in Royal Oak. Which is funny because I don’t think I’ve been back in that restaurant since my 30th birthday celebration a few years days ago. Anyhow, there is nothing quite like fries with ranch dressing to top off a fab girls night out.

The next morning, my bridesmaid and I were driving home and decided we needed some food. My MOH was in the back and definitely didn’t want food. We dropped her off first then considered our options. Time was a factor so we ended up doing a drive-thru but somehow the topic of Angelo’s came up. Angelo’s is a Flint Institution, an old-school coney island and likely inventor of the Flint style coney sauce. The location is not great for late night dining and since I don’t really eat hot dogs, I rarely go. But back in college, my roommate’s dad used to drop off a half-dozen dogs once in awhile. I’d walk in the door after class, immediately recognize that distinctive dog, sauce and onion aroma and be transported to my youthful days (which again, were just a short time ago) hanging at Angelo’s with my parents and grandparents. I still need to take Chris there, just once. They serve Pepsi but he will have to suck it up.

The Thursday before this weekend adventure, I cooked dinner for Chris, his mom and I. She wants to move in with us now. Guess what? I made breaded chicken with pan sauce. It runs in the family I guess.

Wrought Iron Grill, Owosso, MI; also Father’s Day

We had a number of adventures this past weekend starting with a brief jaunt to Ft. Wayne for storm-chasing on Friday night. The night ended with me driving home through that horrible downpour/second great flood/electrical storm south of Lansing. Fun times!

However, I am working my way backwards from my food notes for the weekend so we will begin with Father’s Day dinner. On Saturday, I called my dad to arrange dinner but we didn’t have plan for where to go yet. Initially, I considered taking him out on Saturday when we were going to go sample the contestant restaurants for our rehearsal dinner- ribs and pizza will make a man happy. Then, we went camping instead so we planned for Sunday.

Driving back from camping on Sunday (in Marshall), I started thinking about where to go. My parents live in Flushing, just west of Flint. We live on the west side of Lansing. I didn’t really expect my dad to drive all the way to Lansing nor did I really want to drive all the way in to Flint considering I also had a paper to finish write from scratch for class, due before bedtime. In the back of my head, I remembered this steakhouse/ grill type place in Owosso. Or maybe Corunna or even Durand. When we got back to Lansing, I went online to try to find it. You would think locating a restaurant in the small town of Owosso wouldn’t be that hard but it took 3 or 4 google search pages for the name to show up in a page- and not the restaurant’s actual home page even! After confirming I had the right place, I called to see if we needed reservations (nope) and the hours (until 8pm) then passed on the pertinent info to dad.

Only then did I look at my blog readers. And lo and behold, my fellow mid-Michigander had just been there the day before. Please read about his lunch experience and note the similarities.

We arrived before my dad and, following the behest of our GPS, drove right past the place and around the block to come in from the side. The restaurant is located in an old factory building/warehouse and is surrounded by several other buildings of the same variety. This area is right near the train tracks and across from the grain co-op, apparently the commercial-industrial center of Owosso, in its heyday. We parked along the side and noticed the adjacent building is the (former?) home of the Owosso Casket Company.

I spent some time in Owosso as a teenager. The hip thing to do was go “Owossoing” which is pretty much like cruising except lame-er. My recollections of the town are dim and consist mostly of a strip that reminds me of many towns along state highways or commercial fares (For you Flint-ites, think Dort Highway, the nicer parts): fast food joints, random stores, maybe a strip club. Oh, but Owosso has a castle! Curwood Castle was the home of author James Curwood. In case you don’t know that name, he was born in 1878 (in Owosso) and wrote such books as God’s Country and the Woman (1915) and The Valley of Silent Man (1920), several of which were made in to movies as well.

We didn’t go to the castle, having already toured a historic home down in Marshall earlier in the day. Instead, we went right to the restaurant. After a little confusion because the hostess wasn’t listening when we said we’d like to sit outside, we grabbed a table on the porch/patio. There was additional confusion because she said “wherever you like” but then said if we wanted smoking, we had to sit on the south side. And we didn’t so she said we didn’t have to smoke to sit there. Okay, but I don’t want to sit next to smokers either. Who chooses that??? The al fresco dining was perfect. The patio faces east so we didn’t have to worry about baking in the sun and it was neither too hot nor too humid.

Someone brought us water right away but it did take a few minutes more for the waitress to come and ask if we had drink orders. My dad hadn’t arrived yet but we went ahead and submitted an order for an appetizer, the Medicciettes: marinated tenderloin of beef encrusted with Parmesan breadcrumbs and served with sauce Bernaise. I also ordered a glass of red wine, a zinfandel from Melanto Terrace Wines (California). Not a favorite but not awful either, just a little too much pepper in the first taste.

After my dad arrived, the appetizer was delivered. I don’t really eat beef but of late, I’ve been sampling a few bites. Seems like if I’m going to review restaurants, I should be trying the food. I’m not likely to order a burger on our next outing nor would I order a steak entree but I’ll try a bite here and there. Chris made steak fajitas one night and I had a slice of the steak. It was good and about what I recall decent steak tasting like (oh, stopped eating red meat in 7th grade). These Medicciettes were not to my liking. The meat seemed stringy and didn’t taste like much of anything. The boys however, had no problem eating the rest.

After our appetizer, we finally ordered our entrees. I went with the Seafood Risotto, Chris ordered the Wrought Iron Pizza
and my dad had the salmon “burger.”

We’ll start with Chris- He waffled a bit before settling on pizza. Burgers and steaks were also on his mental checklist but once he picked the pizza, he stuck with it. Its not uncommon for Chris to change his mind right when the server shows up to take orders so this could be significant. The Wrought Iron Pizza consists of roasted chicken, grilled pineapple, Black Forest ham, red onion and green pepper with house barbeque sauce. He omitted the green pepper. The pizza was quite large, more than enough for two people to split. He was very happy with his pizza. Around the first bite he was asking me how long I’ve known about this place and why hadn’t we come here before. Half the pizza came home and I did have a slice tonight which I thought was pretty good and probably better warmed up.

My dad was also waffling, between the salmon entree and the salmon burger. The entree is served with a creamy dill sauce, rice and vegetables while the burger comes grilled with roasted red pepper aioli on an asiago bun with steak fries. He chose the sandwich and was a little thrown when the waitress asked how he wanted it cooked (i.e. to what degree). Truth be told, so was I. Generally, salmon is cooked all the way (excepting sushi of course). The only fish I’ve ever been asked about doneness on is ahi tuna (which should be rare, no exceptions!!!). Maybe she was just confused by the word burger and asked out of habit. The burger arrived with a scant serving of steak fries, as noted in review linked above. Maybe they are trying to help people control carbs? In any event, dad liked his burger, in fact he said it was really good. Coming from my generally quiet, “its okay” dad, this is huge!

Now I, I did not waffle. I did look at the whole menu. A few things caught my eye but once I saw risotto with lobster, shrimp and scallops in a cream sauce, I was only window shopping. Because I hadn’t really had much in the way of vegetables thus far, I added a dinner salad with sun-dried tomato vinaigrette to my order. It was your typical salad so let’s move on to the main event. I love risotto. I still reminisce over the risotto at the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham (MI) which I had at the wedding of my now ex-boyfriend’s sister six years ago. Good stuff. I make it a lot at home, look through the archives here and you’ll find the recipe for the mushroom version we like best. Now, I would probably not ever make seafood risotto at home because Chris is so picky about the source of our seafood. Oh, and he doesn’t like scallops. So, this on a menu, was gonna be on my plate. And it was exactly what I was hoping for. Delicious and creamy with a generous amount of sweet lobster meat mixed in to the risotto then several shrimp and two jumbo scallops served over the top. Besides the cheesy creaminess, the plate was dressed with a bit of balsamic vinegar. Browse this site, you might also notice a certain fondness for the balsamic. IThe risotto was expensive and considering the price and trend in America, I expected a huge serving but was pleasantly surprised to receive an amount, while no doubt high in calories, that a reasonable person could eat without needing trolley assistance to the car.

In fact, I was so not overly stuffed that I convinced the boys to go in on a dessert with me. Its June! In Michigan! Hello strawberry shortcake with local berries! Sadly this was not fabulous. The strawberries were good but the shortcake was a little too dry for the amount of berries and cream. Which didn’t stop me from eating a fair amount, I’m just saying.

This meal was pretty extended what with all the talking and eating and ordering so I ended up ordering a second glass of wine, this time Elusiv Pinot Noir which was very cherry in flavor. I liked it better than the Zin. Too bad for me that its apparently from a boutique winery sold to restaurants only. Gee, I guess we’ll have to go back to the Wrought Iron Grill soon….. The waitress mentioned that the menu changes seasonally with some carryovers based on popularity and an overall focus on locally sourced products. You know I love that!

All in all, a great place for Father’s Day or any other nice night on the town. Owosso has some other things to do (besides the castle) and also has a pretty decent community theater troupe. For this night, it was just nice to have a good meal and let Chris and my dad get to know each other better.


Wrought Iron Grill
Website with Menu
317 Elm Street
Owosso, Mi 48867

Mon – closed
Tu-Th 11a-10p
Fr-Sa 11a-12a

Restaurant Raices – Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Upon arriving in San Juan for Ray & Evelyn’s wedding over Memorial Day, we checked in to the hotel. And while I longed for a nap, Chris forced me to go down to the casino and have a drink first. I was a little hungry too so we ordered some jerk chicken wings.  Incredibly hot and somebody ate all the celery up before I got more than one stick. I couldn’t eat more than 3 1/2 wings since I was sure my mouth was about to catch on fire.  The mojito I ordered (made with raspberry rum- highly recommended!) was too expensive to order another, flaming lips or not.

So, we adjourned to the casino proper where Chris headed to the roulette table. I don’t really get the draw of roulette. Instead, I took $20 and sat down at a video poker machine. I have somehow convinced myself that there is just a smidgen of skill required in this game as compared to slots.  Within 10 minutes of playing, I pulled 4 Aces on some triple triple bonus round. I won $318.  And I was done. I cashed out, showed Chris my slip and got the dinero from the cage then went upstairs. After that, I deserved a nap (side note: we left Detroit at 6:45 AM on Friday morning. I did not sleep the night before and I don’t sleep well on planes. We arrived in PR about 1:30).

Post nap, I, alas, had to do a little homework. Then, we made plans to meet up with the rest of the mainland crew and the bridal party for a post-rehearsal dinner. As it turned out, our hotel has 2 locations and we were staying in the one by the airport whereas most everyone else was staying in Old San Juan.  This meant we were going to end up taking a lot of cab rides, making that casino win all the more appreciated!

Someone, I’m not sure who, had chosen Restaurant Raíces as the place for dinner that night. Sam had arranged the “reservation” but the rule was they would not seat us until the whole party was there.  While we waited for stragglers, a few of us periodically peaked inside to mentally coerce a few slowpokes to finish eating so our table would be ready ASAP.  Sam mentioned that he and his wife had come down this street the night before and there was quite a line out the door then. The staff was obviously used to large groups and touristas because our waiter (whom I’m going to call Fred since I can’t remember but it was something like that) talked loud enough for the whole table to hear while he explained the basics of the menu and their specialties.

We ordered drinks first. Most everyone ordered a mojito or variation of mojito that included fruit juice (mango, passion fruit, etc). There was something called a beso tropical (Tropical Kiss) which was excessively sweet according to the one taster. There were also a few pina coladas on the table. While our mojitos were served in tall cocktail glasses, the coladas and non-alcoholic beverages came in tin cups. I had a mango mojito which was not as good as the raspberry one earlier.

As a table, we had two orders of Festival Típico, like a sampler platter, which included bacalaítos, alcapurrias, piononos, taquitos de jueyes and mofongo de yuca.In other words:  cod fish fritters, root vegetable fritters stuffed with meat, ripe fried plaintains stuffed with meat, crab meat turnovers and mashed cassava. We also had a couple orders of carne frita (fried pork bits) to split.  Of all that stuff, you may notice a theme: fried, fried and more fried.

For dinner, many of the group went with the recommended specialties which included

Tornado- Skirt Steak stuffed with mashed root vegetables, crowned with 5 shrimps and covered in a mushroom gravy

specialty of the house
Mike models the house special

Chuleta Kan Kan – Kan Kan Pork Chop

Colin prepares to eat the biggest pork chop ever
Colin prepares to eat the biggest pork chop ever


Dorado a la Criolla Relleno de Camarjones al Ajillo – Mahi Mahi Creole Style stuffed with Garlic Shrimp 

This is what I got. And I forgot to take a picture! It was good and garlicky.  We were impressed that the menu (in Spanish) called the fish by its real name: Dorado is also know as dolphin (fish). The name was changed to Mahi Mahi because idiots uninformed consumers thought they were actually offering up dolphin (mammals) on the menus of seafood restaurants. Anyhow, the fish itself was okay but as I said, lots of garlic.

Mofongo Relleno de churrasco al chimichurri y camarones al ajillo- Mashed plaintains stuffed with Chimichurre skirt steak and shrimp 



A lot of people ordered Mofongo, which is available a number of different ways. I’m not sure which variety this picture is.  Mofongo is a huge thing in Puerto Rico. Its basically the starch on your plate instead of potatoes or rice. Although rice and beans as a side is pretty commonplace too.

Lomillo empenado – breaded beefsteak, served either plain, or Nydia style (green pepper, tomato and onion sauce) or Erick Style (mushrooms, onions, peas and red wine). Nydia and Erick are the owners, I believe. Chris ordered this Erick Style. With rice and beans on teh side. He said it was good but not what he was expecting. He had confused empenado with empanada, the meat-stuffed pastry. Empenado, as far as I can tell, is like schnitzel: breaded meat covered in a gravy. Think Weiner Schnitzel or Country-Fried Steak.

Because we’d eaten so many appetizers and the meals all came with salads plus a hearty serving of starchy sides (rice or mofongo), we skipped dessert. Instead, we had a serenade by the staff to wrap up our evening (which followed two separate renditions of Happy Birthday, in Spanish, to other tables).

I have no recollection of the bill but it seemed like a reasonable amount of money at the time. This place is obviously very popular with tourists but there are locals who frequent the place regularly too. They were not really appreciative of our loitering outside while we waited for our table.

The restaurant is located in Old San Juan, the “old part” of the capital. We didn’t get to walk around too much but much of the hotels and shopping are nearby as well. Any cabdriver can get you to this place, even if you mangle the name. Trust me.

Mental note: next time write down name. I have good pronunciation, when I can remember the words.

Farmer’s Steakhouse, Mulliken

farmer's steakhouse mullikenCame home from work on Friday and Chris had “planned” dinner. As usual, with his surprises, he won’t tell me where we are going. I finally got a name out of him but he told me Grand Ledge. This little restaurant is actually in Mulliken, 7ish miles west of Grand Ledge off M-43. There is a sign out on M-43 but the restaurant itself is in downtown Mulliken. Downtown being a stretch.

Farmer’s Steakhouse

The name pretty much says it all. This place serves steaks. They also have ribs and one chicken dinner. Pizza too. Chris ordered the ribs, which happened to be the special. Dinners come with choice of potato (or onion rings) and salad or coleslaw. I ordered a chicken sandwich, came with chips. Chris picked baked potato and coleslaw with the understanding I would eat his slaw. We also ordered our usual Coke/Diet Coke. Oddly, you can also get caffeine-free Diet Pepsi here.

We initially sat inside. The interior walls are covered from top to bottom with memorbilia. Some of it looks like garage sale finds. Other stuff is very cool. You can spend the time waiting for your food looking at everything. Check out the ceiling too. This will prove useful as they are kind of slow with bringing food to the table. As it happens, Chris was feeling warm so we decided to sit outside instead. I used this as an opportunity to take some macro pictures for my textures collection. The courtyard area and exterior walls are also filled with “stuff” including old farm implements, a firehose reel (with hose), even a rusty suit of armor. There is a collection of cast iron pans (probably still usable with a bit of seasoning) and license plates on the walls.

While I entertained myself with photography, Chris had a drink from the bar. He said it was cheap which I presume to mean inexpensive and not low-grade. Eventually, our food arrived. We never did get the coleslaw for Chris’s dinner but the garlic toast he wanted came on teh side along with a nice sized slab of ribs and a baked potato. I would tell you how the ribs tasted but I was not given an opportunity to try them. I barely saw them before his plate was a pile of stripped-down bones.

My chicken sandwich was, quite frankly, strange. It was definitely not a whole breast of chicken, battered and fried, more like chopped breast meat, formed and fried. But not like any other I’d seen before. It tasted fine, it just wasn’t that exciting. Served with thin cut bagged potato chips. I should have ordered the chicken dinner, I just didn’t think I was that hungry.

The tail end of our meal was a little rushed as it was now after 8pm and as the sun went down, the mosquitoes were coming out: the downside of al fresco dining in the country.

Our total bill was $31 including tip. Considering that included alcoholic beverages, I’d call that a real deal!
Service was slow but the waitress was very friendly.

Post-dinner we drove around the area a little bit and stumbled upon a hot air balloon landing for the night. The “show” part of dinner and show, then, was watching the team deflate and pack up the balloon.

Farmer’s Tavern & Steakhouse- Map
140 Main St
Mulliken, MI 48861
(517) 649-2227

Hours: Open 7 days, until 10pm Friday and Saturday. I’m not sure of their weekday hours.

Loud, Smoky and Wrong

Chris wanted dinner out tonight, specifically pizza. I’m really not eating carbs right now but I agreed as long as I made myself get a salad first and limit myself to 1-2 slices of thin crust. I just presumed we were going to DeLucas but then Chris asked if I was willing to check out Tony M’s which is much closer to us.

Tony M’s is right across from the Meijer distribution center on Creyts south of 496. I’m sure Meijer, a few other warehouse centers and the GM facility bring in most of the business, particularly at lunch. About 7pm, we pulled in to a mostly empty lot and walked in the front doors. And were promptly confused. Through the main doors, there are two sets of seemingly equal inner doors. I peeked through the window on the left and saw a sign about private party so we went right. There were several people at the bar and perhaps 2 or three tables occupied in the dining room. We ended up standing in the entry for a few minutes, unsure if we could seat ourselves (we could).

After a few minutes, the waitress brought us menus and took our drink order (coke products, +1). I flipped to the pizza section then kind of glanced over the rest before nailing Chris down on pizza. We ordered a 12″ (medium) with half green peppers and onions for me and half onion, mushroom and sausage for Chris. We actually each gave our halves so there was a clear indication that this was half and half. I also ordered a side salad, sticking to my rule.

While we waited for my salad, someone cranked up the music and put on some dance club music. I actually liked the song playing but we were eating dinner, not out bar-hopping. It was really loud. And it took quite a long time to bring out my salad so I had lots of time to get my hopes up. Alas, they were dashed with the sad little plate of iceberg lettuce topped with two cucumber slices and the most absurdly bad tomato I’ve seen in quite some time. The whole plate was ice-cold and had obviously been in the cooler all day so I don’t understand the delay.

About 10 minutes later, she brought out the pizza. It looked great but it also looked wrong. No half and half, the sausage, mushrooms, green peppers and onions were equally distributed. Honestly, if it hadn’t been for the sausage, we would have just eaten it but I don’t eat sausage. Immediately, we pointed out the error and Chris said he would be happy to buy it anyway, if they cut him a deal. The waitress kind of stumbled over this and said she would have to check with her manager. But either way, they’d remake it correctly.

A long five minutes later, she came back to say “no dice” on buying the mistake pie but the manager would cut a few bucks off the total bill. She also asked for a clarification on the toppings for each half.

Um. okay.

Yeah, really not okay and after walked back to the kitchen to resubmit our pizza order we figured out that she had to have lied to her boss and said we made the mistake, not her. Another 20 minutes later, our corrected pizza came out. And it was okay but did not look as good as the first which had really nicely bubbled, browned cheese. Tony M’s is generous with the cheese but they only gave us a serrated knife with the pizza, no serving piece so maneuvering on to the plate without losing half the topping required a deft touch.

When she brought the bill, they had taken $2 off, less than the cost of one soda.

We paid the bill and left ASAP. Throughout the meal, the loud music was randomly repeated as bar patrons fed the jukebox and the smoke was drifting our way. It was time to go. And not return.

I want to make a comment here about the handling of the mis-made pizza. If we had been complicated or changed our order, I would have been more forgiving. But we often order half and half and have devised a little system where I say the size and my toppings then Chris takes his turn. This seemed to have clarified the whole concept, in the past. Tonight, the waitress actually admitted (to us) that she forgot to hit the “Half” button on the order screen. Which really makes the handling even worse. The restaurant’s mistake and we tried to help them out by buying the mistake pizza at a discount along with paying for the corrected pizza and they said no??? At this point I guessed that the boss was going to take the mistake out of the waitress’s paycheck so she decided to blame us. We aren’t happy, the boss has to eat the cost of a screwed up pizza and the waitress is going to suffer by our reduced tip, even if he doesn’t dock her for the night. No one wins. I guess Tony M hasn’t been feeling the heat of the depressed economy yet. Sure hope Meijer doesn’t cut workers or GM takes another shift cut at Delta Township.

We won’t go back but if someone else wants to try it out:

Tony M’s Restaurant
3420 S. Creyts Rd.
Lansing, MI 48917

Other reviews at Mid-Michigan Dining and Restaurant DB which also has a menu.