Dolly’s Pizza

Chris and I have our preferred pizza joint here in Lansing. BUT, sometimes time is of the essence, take out is more convenient and DeLuca’s is closed on Sunday anyhow. Last night, we decided to stop at Dolly’s Pizza on W. Saginaw (by Outback). First, we tried agreeing on a specialty pizza. I liked the… Continue reading Dolly’s Pizza


Smoke-Free Michigan- Or not

Earlier this week, the Michigan House voted on the Senate version of the SmokeFree Workplace bill. The vote tally was 50 yeas to 49 nays.  However, at least 56 yes votes were required to pass the bill.  Eleven members of the House were absent or abstained from voting. I would like to know where those… Continue reading Smoke-Free Michigan- Or not

MSU E. coli outbreak: source identified

Just read on the Free Press website that health officials have identified large bags of iceberg lettuce as the source of the E. coli outbreak that first popped up at Michigan State University and was later seen scattered across the state: The shredded and chopped lettuce was sold to restaurants and institutions from wholesalers, including… Continue reading MSU E. coli outbreak: source identified