MSU E. coli outbreak: source identified

Just read on the Free Press website that health officials have identified large bags of iceberg lettuce as the source of the E. coli outbreak that first popped up at Michigan State University and was later seen scattered across the state:

The shredded and chopped lettuce was sold to restaurants and institutions from wholesalers, including Aunt Mid’s Produce Company of Detroit. Officials are still determining other wholesale sources of the contaminated lettuce. Bagged lettuce in grocery stores is not affected, they said.

The investigation will continue as the health department looks for the original source of the contamination. Its possible that other sellers of potentially contaminated lettuce will be identified. Retailers and institutions have been urged to remove any lettuce purchased from Aunt Mid’s from their stock.

One thing not mentioned here- I’ve seen Aunt Mid’s products in the stores. While a local grocery store may not carry these large bags, I do wonder if a bulk store would. Can’t hurt to check your fridge if you shop in those places.


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