Cheese and Crackers

For dinner last night, Chris and I went simple with cheese & crackers plus a bit of wine.

Using some of the cheeses we bought at D&W in Williamston, I made up a little sampler platter with 3 cheeses and accompaniments.

Petit Basque: Smooth and light sheep-milk cheese, like a very mild swiss. This was a first tasting for both of us. Did best with a more flavorful cracker or a bit of the jam on top.

Rambol: smoky mozzarella or goat cheese like consistency, spreadable at room temp, would probably melt well. Fondue or gourmet grilled cheese? I think this was my favorite of the three even though its technically a processed cheese. At least it didn’t come from a can.

KerryGold Swiss: typical Swiss cheese, a little bit nutty. Pairs well with the jam and plain on crackers. Compared to the Petit Basque, this cheese starts to taste a bit more sharp.

Cranberry-Ginger Jam from The Jampot in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The Jampot is the store for a bunch of monks that make jellys, jams and other sweet treats. Last summer I bought several jars of jam from this place inclduing one jar of the fabled thimbleberry jam. Which has not been opened; at 12 bucks a jar, I’m treating it like fine wine.

Torremoron by Ribera Del Duero: A 2006 vintage Tempranillo that received 90 points from Wine Advocate. Spanish wine. We found it to be fruity, smooth, light on the tannins with just a hint of pepper. Did not pair well with the fresh grapes but I think this would make a good match up for a bbq or medium-spicy chili. Chris thought it was pretty simple and he really couldn’t differentiate any specific fruits. On-line reviews noted a strong cherry flavor but I was thinking more plum.  (we found this wine at D&W in Williamston, along with the first 2 cheeses on my list).

Crackers from Keebler and Kashi


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