Balsamic Vinegar-aholics

As you might notice from reading these posts, I use a lot of balsamic vinegar.  I’ve got a few recipes in draft mode still that also use it.  Chris and I really like balsamic vinegar.  Especially the thicker, well-aged varieties.  With the good stuff, you can just drizzle a little over some fresh strawberries for dessert.

We recently bought a bottle of 18-year old balsamic vinegar from Cherry Creek Winery at their tasting room in Cement City. Our discovery of the tasting room, in an old schoolhouse, was a complete accident. We were down in Adrian for a weekend of soaring but the weather wasn’t quite right that day. Since gas was still only in the $3.50/gallon range, we pulled out the Michigan Gazzeteer and went exploring.

We bought two bottles of wine, some Cherry Salsa (spicy!), and this bottle of vinegar.  Its about 2/3rd gone now, since our visit the first weekend of May.
I just received an email this week from the proprietor at Cherry Creek.  Turns out they lost their source for the 18 year old stuff (straight from Italy) and have been out of stock for a few weeks. I guess we got lucky!  And now we can be even luckier- instead of 18-year old vinegar, they have balsamic vinegar that’s been aged 25 years!!

Now that I’ve told you about this amazing stuff, feel free to donate bottles to our vinegar cellar by contacting me via email.

The wines are decent too and very affordable.  Besides the Schoolhouse Tasting Room in Cement City (near Brooklyn, home of the Michigan International Speedway) you can also visit the Vineyard itself (with tasting room) in Albion.


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