Peeza, Peeeeza, Pizza!

I am channeling one of the clones from Multiplicity in my subject line; we always called him the 3rd Steve but I think the character’s name is Dave or Doug or something.

We had pizza at Deluca’s tonight. As we are in the midst of moving and packing this week, we’ll be eating out a lot and I figured pizza was a good choice plus I’d have lunch leftovers.  I’m pretty sure pizza was on my mind after walking past someone carrying Cottage Inn boxes on Washington downtown at lunchtime.

Chris and I have been going to Deluca’s for a few months now, after I read about it in someone’s blog (love to give credit but I sure don’t remember where I read it).  They can be incredibly busy and last night was the perfect example of that with a 25 minute wait. After we got our table, I noticed 2 large groups of at least 15 people each.  We’ve driven by a few times and decided it was just too busy for our hunger level but last night, we both really wanted pizza.

Besides pizza, Deluca’s serves calzones, sandwiches and a number of pasta dishes including baked spaghetti, manicotti, spinach lasagna and veal parmesan.  Thus far, we haven’t ventured off the pizza section except for some appetizers.  One night, Chris got a cup of Italian Wedding Soup and we’ve sampled both the breadsticks and garlic bread.  The garlic bread, with or without cheese, is the better choice in our opinion.

Because we can’t agree on toppings, our practice of late has been to each get a small/medium (I go for 9″, Chris usually gets 12″).  I really prefer vegetables on my pizza and Chris is a meat guy.  One of the toppings I particularly like at Deluca’s is the roasted garlic: whole cloves right over the pizza.  Excellent but not the best choice for work leftovers. In addition to traditional toppings, you can also get hot capicola, jalapeno, broccoli, artichokes, chicken, link sausage, feta (plus more).  Deluca’s also offers a number of specialty pizzas including Hawaiian, BLT and Philadelphia (Roast Beef, onions & mushrooms, mixed cheese). Chris’ usual is mushrooms, onion and sausage.

Deluca’s recently went totally smoke free.  They only serve Pepsi products via fountain (free refills) but you can get Coke products in a chilled can.

Deluca’s started life in the 60s as the Willow Bar. In the early 80s, the three Deluca brothers bought out the founder, their father Pat. Little has changed since then, partly due to the brothers’ reluctance to disappoint regular customers by taking things off the menu.


Address: 2006 W. Willow (West of MLK), Lansing MI 48917
Hours:Mon.-Thur. 11AM-10:30PM; Fri & Sat 11AM-11PM, Closed Sunday

Accepts credit cards, totally non-smoking

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