What is wrong with Americans.

Not a question. A statement. I’m doing some research for another post and I come across this little tidbit in a USDA report, U.S. Per Capita Food Supply Trends: More Calories, Refined Carbohydrates, and Fats:


Iceberg Lettuce, Frozen Potatoes (Mainly French Fries), and Potato Chips Constituted a Third of Total Daily Vegetable Servings in 2000

And that is a third of the 3.83 servings Americans currently consume, less than the recommended 4 servings of vegetables a day (for a 2200 calorie diet).


Listen people, for the sake of your waistline and hearts and livers, POTATOES ARE NOT A VEGETABLE!

I know, technically they are vegetables but when I total up my servings for a day, I have not counted potatoes under vegetable in a really long time. They get lumped in with other true starches like pasta, bread, etc.

Proper Portion Sizes

Perfect Portions
Perfect Portions

Nothing really spectacular about this dish except it is a good example of suggested portion sizes.

  • One-half the plate should be taken up with fruits & veggies
  • One-quarter to a whole grain
  • One-quarter lean protein

The rice in the picture is GoGo Rice, this pretty tasty stuff that comes in a bowl (two servings) which you microwave for 90 seconds. They have plain brown or white and a few flavors, this one being harvest (with lentils and spices). Looking at the website, they now have sushi rice – I’ll have to look for that one. Mine came from Amazon.

This was Chris’s dinner from last night. I had the salad and rice with the onions/tomatoes on top.