What I used 5-6 red skin potatoes 2 tbls butter 1/3 cup sour cream 1 med. onion, sliced thinly 4-5 leaves curly kale (purple, if you can), tough stems removed, chopped in to small pieces 2 cloves garlic, finely diced/smashed Olive oil Salt & pepper What I did 1. Boil potatoes until tender 2. Saute… Continue reading Colcannon


Meat and potatoes

Spring has sprung. And with spring comes after-work time spent lounging in the yard and grilling. Yesterday, I stayed in the yard listening to the loudest frogs ever, in our pond, until the mosquitoes came out. Overcast today so less time lounging but we still grilled. Chris was in charge of that- he grilled a… Continue reading Meat and potatoes

Top Ten Ever List Item

According to Chris, I “hit this one out of the park.” And its “on the top ten ever list.” And I “can make this again later this week.” What did I make? Just some pork n’ potatoes. I used this potato recipe from Simply Recipes but with a few modifications: Ingredients * 3 Slices of… Continue reading Top Ten Ever List Item