Monday happened to land Chris and I in Livonia for an appointment. This was a good turn of events as I had to exchange a mis-sewn chair cover purchased at IKEA back in October. This also became an opportunity to visit Whole Foods. We used the GPS to find the closest one (to IKEA) which… Continue reading Jambalaya


Thanksgiving 2009

A small gathering this year, just 4 people, Chris, my parents and I. Not that I would let that stop me from making too much food. I had the usual suspects: turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing. Then, a few things to try. In consideration of my vegetarian mom, I make the stuffing with vegetable broth.… Continue reading Thanksgiving 2009

Cooking Again, and it feels so good.

For the last month, maybe 6 weeks, I haven’t done much cooking. Seems like Chris and I are always going in two different directions and balancing work-school-wedding plans has kept me busy. Add in a 10 day work trip to the UP and a weekend in Puerto Rico to equal perhaps eight nights of real… Continue reading Cooking Again, and it feels so good.

Top Ten Ever List Item

According to Chris, I “hit this one out of the park.” And its “on the top ten ever list.” And I “can make this again later this week.” What did I make? Just some pork n’ potatoes. I used this potato recipe from Simply Recipes but with a few modifications: Ingredients * 3 Slices of… Continue reading Top Ten Ever List Item