Mushroom Risotto, v. 12,005,359,359

   One of many variations on a theme but significantly different enough to make me want to post the recipe.    While on Christmas vacation, Chris and I dined at a place called the Dock Cafe in Stillwater, Minnesota, overlooking the frozen St. Croix River.  It was a total guess and a lucky one in the… Continue reading Mushroom Risotto, v. 12,005,359,359

Mushroom-Sage Sauce & Squash Risotto

We are in the midst of moving right now (literally, thinks to scheduled posting). Due to my work schedule, size of some of our furniture and general laziness, we hire movers from Two Men and a Truck and they are doing the heavy lifting this afternoon. This will be my 4th move with them since… Continue reading Mushroom-Sage Sauce & Squash Risotto

Squash Risotto and Pan-fried Chicken with Mustard Wine Sauce

This summer, Chris and I were spending some time with friends at their cabin near Tawas (Michigan). One day, Becky and I were trying to use up groceries as we would be leaving the next day and didn’t want to leave a lot of food behind, especially food prone to spoilage in a bad, smelly… Continue reading Squash Risotto and Pan-fried Chicken with Mustard Wine Sauce

Blah-blah Sweet Chili Marinated Chicken

As much as I’m trying to cook from scratch these days, there are times when convenience is key. Or quick. After a few rounds of experimentation, Chris and I discovered that we like a few of the prepped items from the meat department at Kroger. They do a stuffed chicken breast or pork loin- the… Continue reading Blah-blah Sweet Chili Marinated Chicken