Quick Chicken with Browned Butter-Balsamic Sauce

Chicken with Browned-Butter Balsamic Sauce Garlicked Potatoes After my original plans for fish and rice were abruptly canceled by a lack of appropriate fish at Whole Foods, I figured I had to make something with the chicken in our fridge. And I knew I had a bunch of Yukon Gold- like potatoes, from my mom… Continue reading Quick Chicken with Browned Butter-Balsamic Sauce

Double-Spiced Shrimp & Forbidden Rice

Ever since we at at Quince, way back in October 2008, I’ve been a little bit obsessed with Forbidden Rice. I think about it a lot and plan recipes to use it- I want to show off its purpley-black beauty and the nutty taste that is like brown rice but just a touch sweeter. I’ve… Continue reading Double-Spiced Shrimp & Forbidden Rice

Garlic-Rosemary Chicken

Having barely posted over the last several weeks and now coming back post-honeymoon to a big project at work, I am struggling with the “swing of things.” I have many drafts, many posts circulating in my head but not yet drafted and, as of Wednesday, our wedding photos to edit and play with in Photoshop.… Continue reading Garlic-Rosemary Chicken

Turkey Day Prep: Smashed Potatoes

I believe in my previous post, I referred to these as mashed potatoes. Its a slight difference to me but technically, the recipe is titled Smashed Potatoes. From Cook’s Illustrated Magazine Issue no. 71, December 2004: Garlic-Rosemary Smashed Potatoes Ingredients 2 pounds Red Bliss, unpeeled and scrubbed 1 bay leaf 3 medium garlic cloves, 1… Continue reading Turkey Day Prep: Smashed Potatoes

Delicioso Green Beans & Potatoes (and Baked Chicken)

A little late, but here’s the recipe for that Sneak Peek photo from a few days ago. Baked Chicken with Potato-Green Bean Saute Ingredients Green Beans, about 2 handfuls fresh. Trimmed and cut in half 5-6 fingerling potatoes 1/2 red onion, frenched Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Breasts (from Kroger) balsamic vinegar 1-2 cloves mashed garlic 1/2 tablespoon… Continue reading Delicioso Green Beans & Potatoes (and Baked Chicken)