Vegetable Rice Soup

This recipe came from the Patient Guide for the Detox program I’m doing. I cut it in half, sort of. Originally it was supposed to make 8 servings. My version was 4 hearty servings because I used the original amount of rice but cut the broth and tomatoes in half. Ingredients 1 can diced tomatoes,… Continue reading Vegetable Rice Soup


A funny thing happened on the way to caffeine-free.

As I mentioned last week, I’m doing this detox diet program as recommended by my doctor. The first, I eliminated caffeine, artificial sweeteners and flavorings, gluten containing starches and a few other things. That was working fabulous until Friday night. Friday, I arrived in Chesaning, MI for a weekend scrapbooking retreat with my friend Amy.… Continue reading A funny thing happened on the way to caffeine-free.

Living in a Decaffeinated World

Here’s the story. My doctor, I call him alterna-doc as he practices holistic medicine, wants me to eliminate a “few” things from my diet and follow this special plan for 1 month (28 days). Partly this is to determine if I have any food sensitivies (which I doubt) and partly this is to detox my… Continue reading Living in a Decaffeinated World