Corn-ucopia: Camping, Mazes and more

We went camping this weekend, just Saturday night.  Pretty much our last hurrah as its really getting too cold to camp without proper equipment like sleeping bags. Our “plan” was to stick close to home and we picked Ionia State Park, ostensibly because we already have the yearly pass so we just have to pay… Continue reading Corn-ucopia: Camping, Mazes and more

Blah-blah Sweet Chili Marinated Chicken

As much as I’m trying to cook from scratch these days, there are times when convenience is key. Or quick. After a few rounds of experimentation, Chris and I discovered that we like a few of the prepped items from the meat department at Kroger. They do a stuffed chicken breast or pork loin- the… Continue reading Blah-blah Sweet Chili Marinated Chicken